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Rift Between Siblings

Who: Suhail, Lia
Where: Home, Sir Sin

Suhail kept his daily tradition of bursting through whatever door he found convenient and calling his sister's name: he had an uncanny ability to know where she was, and whether it was a brother sense or some magical deduction was left to the wonder of anyone with too much time on their hands. As tradition continued, she emerged from whatever hiding place she'd squirreled into and called his name in reply.

"Doing the laundry?" he asked, a wide smile on his lips and telltale wrinkles around his eyes.

"What? No, no. Um, see, Nox's brother came by and he put this on me. I just haven't taken it off yet." Truth being, she didn't want to. But to avoid fueling the fire, she pulled it off and folded it onto her arm.

"He saw you like that?" The amusement was gone in a flash, replaced by a cloud over his face.

"Just for a little bit! I didn't have time to put anything else on..."

It placated her brother; he moved close to inspect the fabric. 

"So, um...he's coming over for dinner again..."

"He is?" The cloth fell from his fingers and swayed where it dropped. "I suppose it's not as soon as I'd thought it."

"Tomorrow, too..."

"Aggressive courting?" he asked dismissively.

"No! No, not that. He...needs to eat dinner if he -" The next words spilled out faster than she intended. "-livesherenow."

Suhail froze.

"What did you say?"

The rage in his voice was subtle, but easily caught by her.

"He's done a lot for us! For me, anyway... He's gone with me on shopping trips, he saved me from death - you from reincarnation, took care of me when I was sick..."

"And what - you're saying I couldn't have done those things?!"

"No! I'm not! But he didn't even have a bed!"

"So you buy one for him, Lia! You purchase one for the man, not invite him into the house to do lord knows what while you sleep--"

"What?! He's not that kind of person!"

"How do you know, Lia?! How well do you know him? You spend forty years of your life running away from any man who comes near you, but the first hint of this foreigner -- and you leave all of your defenses down! Lia, you don't get it. You don't get people, Lia!"

"He's had opportunities, you know! Plenty!"

"You're telling me this so I'll say, well, if he hasn't done it before -- he's obviously not going to do it at all, right?"

"But he would've shown some interest in me! He's hardly let me touch him!"

"And?! Look how fiercely you're defending him -- it's only been a month!"

"...I'm going to take my chances. You can't stop me."

"Why are you being so obstinate? I'm just trying to keep you safe!"

"I just don't think he's a bad person! Please, please, Suhail! Trust me!"

"I trust you. But I don't trust him. I can't trust him."

He looked a little remorseful -- his eyes showed some sort of compassion for her, but before she could absorb it, Lia spun on her heels and retreated back to the kitchen.

"Damn it..." Suhail said, sighing. 

He turned to the stairs and ascended, ripping the door from its hinges as he went to his room. He set it back as well as he could and and pulled a book from the shelf, flipping through it slowly. A book of pictures -- courtesy of the technology girl, drawings, and little odd notes he and his sister had written to each other. It was from before any troubles had started. And he held it tightly in his hands, as though it were the only thing he had to keep trouble away.

The Challenge

Who: Nereus, Bharet
Where: Underwater Grotto

Anger fueled the fire god as he teleported into Nereus's audience chamber. The water god was sitting comfortably in his throne, still pale from recovering from his recent bout of illness. Luck was on Bharet's side - Trisk was nowhere around. 

Nereus looked up at his entrance. "Bharet, what-" Speech was halted when he caught sight of the blue blade that Bharet carried with him. "What are you-"

The fire god didn't wait. As soon as he stepped foot in the Grotto, he charged forward and stabbed the sword into his leader, right into his heart. There was a choking noise from Nereus's throat as the blade pierced him and was ripped out.

Bharet waited for a moment, then frowned. Why wasn't the sword killing him like it should? The fire god continued to stab Nereus, ignoring the cries of the other god, who was too weak to fight him off.

Finally, he tossed the sword down. "Dammit! Why in the name of the Light is this godforsaken-" He stopped. "Godforsaken...that bitch! She did something!" Glaring, he returned his attention back to Nereus. "If I can't kill you with your sword, then I'll take away your power! I challenge your leadership!"

Nereus, still healing his wounds, coughed up and spat out blood before replying. "You fool...you still refuse to think things out. However, as I have no choice...I accept your challenge."

The words resonated in the air before the two gods were teleported away in gray flashes of light.
Who: Paolo, Bharet
Where: Tree Nymph Village

Paolo sat within the branches of his lady's tree, a flock of his birds swooping around as always, keeping an eye on things. Lady Sylph was off visiting with Lord Elindael again, and things were quiet.

Not that things would stay quiet...

The male nymph twitched as he sense the familiar presence of a certain god. "Lord Bharet?!" he exclaimed, channeling his powers through several birds to verify his sense. He dropped out of the tree and in front of the fire god. "Lord Bharet, what are you-"

"Stand aside, weed!" the mad god snapped, hurling the wood goddess's lieutenant out of the way. He examined the trunk of the tree for a moment before punching his fist into it and feeling around.

Paolo pushed himself into a sitting position, slightly disoriented from hitting the trunk of another tree. Dispelling his confusion, he ran back to the great tree, already seeing what the fire god was doing. "Lord Bharet, no!"

It was too late. With a victorious cry, the red-haired god pulled out a blue-tinted shortsword and disappeared, leaving the tree scarred and open.

Paolo felt the trunk. "Oh, no...my lady!" With that, he teleported to Lord Elindael's.


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